30456090120 2019 / Tokyo




I was asked to design an exhibition called “246st. MARKET” in 2019. In general, furniture used for events and exhibitions is often disposed of after one use. Therefore, I proposed “sustainable” furniture for displaying products based on the concept of five numbers “30/45/60/90/120”.

When I thought about a flexible design that was easy to carry in and out on the premise of reuse, I thought it was like a lunch box “BARAN (aspidistra)”. BARAN is a container that complements colorful side dishes (products). Inspired by that image, I came up with a fixture with such a mechanism that when a folded plate is unfolded, a shelf is inserted, and it is fixed, it becomes three-dimensional.

“30/45/60/90/120” means 5 angles and 5 dimensions. By configuring only 5 angles, the processing of small edges at the time of cutting has been simplified. In addition, by combining 3 x 6 boards with 5 dimensions (cm) that are compatible with each other, we have led to efficient production with little scraps. By combining these different dimensions and angles, I created a jagged BARAN-like vessel centered on an arc.

The boards are connected by two special hinges on the top and bottom. This is an idea from the Okawa joinery craftsman who was in charge of the production, and is an arrangement of ready-made hardware. This idea made it possible to create beautiful and simple details without hinge-like hardware on both sides of the fixture.

The folded fittings were compactly transported from Okawa in Kyushu to Tokyo with truck with four ton capacity, creating a beautiful space scattered in an exhibition space of about 400 m2. After that, it was reused in another exhibition space in 2020 following 2019.

JCD International Design Awards 2021 | Sustinable Award

Site: Tokyo
Program : Exhibition
Total Area: 400.00 ㎡
Architect : Yu Momoeda, Shiori Sato
(YU Momoeda Architects)
Completion : Sep. 2019
Construction : Okawa Tategumi ’A’
Photo : Yashiro Photo Office