Okamura ‘Tie’ 2019

This is an interior project for ‘Okamura’ which is a big company making furnitures and partitions in Japan.The ‘site’ is an entrance of this company where people gather for small meeting and big event.

We propose to make new type of partition consisted of 4 km polypropylene ropes making translucent boundary.

This boundary can change the shape for some different conditions; some small groups of 4 people and one big group of 40 people. 

The boundary like white cocoon composes organic space which can transform. 

Site: Fukuoka
Program : Office
Total Area: 76.61 ㎡
Structure: Steel
Architect : Yu Momoeda, Naoya Isemoto
(YU Momoeda Architects)
Structural Engineer : Kousuke Araki
(XYZ Structure)
Completion : Jan. 2018
Construction : Masterpiece
Photo : Yashiro Photo Office