Bottomless Window 2018

This project is an installation of ‘New space with Fittings’ ordered by Fittings Association in Okawa, Fukuoka.

The Fittings has constituted ‘Engawa’ space which exists between outside and inside in Japan. After Modernization, most building has been constructed by concrete which can make wall and openings easily in urban area. By the situation, role of Fittings decrease gradually. I propose to intersperse ‘Engawa’ in urban space by the extension of windows towards inside of architecture.

When people extend the window alike small hole which embedded in the wall by hooking finger, winds and light flow into the inside. The sensible skills by craftsman has connected wall and organs which include watching eyes and blowing mouth.  This is an experience device for the window connected from small hole to big world seamlessly like blowing bubbles.

Site: Fukuoka
Program : Installation
Architect : Yu Momoeda, Naoya Isemoto
(YU Momoeda Architects)
Completion : Feb. 2018
Construction : Okawa Tategumi ’A’
Photo : Yashiro Photo Office