Sliding Roof 2019

This is a cabin requested by the Okawa area in Japan, which is most renowned for producing furniture.The local craftsmen of this area have begun pursuing a long-term project that will be sustainable and a means to protect the global environment. The furniture and the architecture fittings craftsmen of Okawa have originally been boatbuilders that were a part of the height of woodcraft making in Japan. The main idea of this concept is when ‘the ultimate furniture = the smallest architecture’ . This cabin utilizes skills from the region and is requested as a way to propose a future for the traditional craft.

That is how we proposed a cabin which enables one to ‘ascend to the roof and observe the world’ . The regions precious forest is also the intended site, and by staying in the cabin, one can experience the surrounding natural environment. On a good weathered day, ‘like a drawer’ , one can slide the roof to reveal another set of stairs which transforms the roof to become a backyard that extends to the sky. At night, people can enjoy, the beautiful night sky and the forest’ s clear atmosphere. These are the mock ups for the final production which we aim to continue to pursue hereafter for the project will be completed next year.

Site: Fukuoka
Program : Lodge
Total Area: 7.6 ㎡
Structure: Steel
Floor : Send Story
Architect : Yu Momoeda, Marika Hamaguchi, Koki Okumura
(YU Momoeda Architects)