Forest Folly 2006

The site is in the forest of Oguni Town, Kumamoto Prefecture. I was asked to design a gallery to display dozens of forest landscape photographs that my client purchased from an acquaintance photographer and collected.

Since the site is very beautiful in nature, I wanted to create something like a space device to experience the forest, not just as a gallery.

Three large, medium and small volumes of the same shape were floated on pillars with the appropriate diameters. There is no opening on the wall, and the inside is dimly bright due to the reflected light from below. The sound of the forest sounds different depending on the location. I wanted to create a quiet space where the visually separated image of the forest could be reconstructed by the sound and light coming inside.

Spaces of different sizes created by the three structures make forests, photographs, and people’s feelings diverse.

Site: Kumamoto
Program: Gallery
Structure: Wood
Floor: Three Story
Architect: Yu Momoeda
Structural Engineer: Yuki Kuroiwa
(Kuroiwa Structural Engineers)
Completion: Unbuild