Sakura Passage Funeral Hall

Sakura Passage Funeral Hall 2019 / Fukuoka

Sakura Passage Funeral Hall

Sakura Passage Funeral Hall

Sakura Passage Funeral Hall
Sakura Passage Funeral Hall

Sakura Passage Funeral Hall

Sakura Passage Funeral Hall

Japanese people are crazy about HANAMI, a Japanese custom to watch cherry blossoms on their full bloom. Literally half of the nation get drunk under the cherry blossom on high season.

In contrast, cherry blossom is often linked to fragility of human life and death, for the flower falls so quick after blooming, changing the appearance time to time.

Nearby the site, there is also a famous cherry blossom passage.

Here, we planned a funeral hall that resembles this cherry tree passage. 

The building type of a funeral hall in Japan is dark with walls and less openings in general. Ours client wanted a bright ceremony space where people can pray for the deceased and free to drop in.

We designed four passages parallel to the SAKURA PASSAGE in this ceremony hall by the tree-like unit structure system. 

The four passage is a symbol of changing, moving from here (konoyo) to the other world (anoyo). 

This system consists wooden pillars and braces used in Japanese traditional wooden architecture, in view of the context of Sakura, low building cost, short construction period and soft ground. 

These pillars and braces support the beams of the tunnel and connects to the roof.

The sunlight can be seen through the branches of tree-like unit structure, casting the dancing leaves and the constantly changing lights and shadows.

AR Emerging Architecture Awards 2018 | Highly Commended

Site: Fukuoka
Program : Funeral Hall
Site Area : 1,068.09 ㎡
Building Area: 323.28 ㎡
Total Area: 297.94 ㎡
Structure: Wood
Floor : One Story
Architect : Yu Momoeda, Yuko Abe, Marika Hamaguchi
(YU Momoeda Architects)
Structural Engineer : Kousuke Araki
(XYZ Structure)
HVAC Engineer : Ittetsu Koga
Masaru Murayama
(Koga Sekkeishitsu)
Completion : Aug. 2019
Construction : Sanki Construction
Photo : Yashiro Photo Office